What is UfoliO?

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Welcome! UfoliO is a blogging and web publishing service for the University of Oregon, running on the WordPress MultiUser platform.

UfoliO offers students and faculty an easy-to-use, personalized web environment that can be used for a wide variety of purposes:

  • Students can use their online workspaces for project development, reflection and feedback. Students can later mine this archive for targeted presentations (i.e. scholarships, jobs, outreach).
  • Instructors can aggregate student work to encourage scholarly exchange, clarify expectations, and highlight excellence.
  • Groups can use support activities that fall outside of the curriculum per se. Examples include summer community readings and living-learning initiatives.

UfoliO is a pilot system originally created for student electronic portfolios and course-integrated blogging. Beginning in the Summer of 2010, the pilot is being extended to additional users. Looking beyond the pilot phase, Information Services is planning to establish a permanent blogging/web publishing service to the campus. The target for establishing this as a core service is June 30, 2011.

The UO Libraries and Information Services are collaborating to provide user support and system hosting. We also plan to name a User Group of interested faculty and students.

To learn more about the history and vision for UfoliO project, see:

Background readings

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