UO Then and Now

Welcome, University of Oregon Class of 2014, new graduate students, and faculty!

What did the UO look like in 1934? Watch this video, and feel free to share your “then and now” observations in the comments section below.


Then: “The library, the center of intellectual life, houses a collection of 236,444 volumes…”

Now: According to the UO Libraries 2008-2009 Annual Report, the collections now include 3,083,407 print volumes, in addition to vast collections of microfilm, audio and video, maps and air photos, manuscripts and archives, graphic materials (photos, slides, etc.), electronic books, and a rapidly growing assortment of digital collections.

Then: “No task is too menial for these fine young Oregonian [student workers] for the sake of an education. Girls as well as boys take advantage of such opportunities for self-help……”

Now: In 2008 (latest available figures), the UO employed 2,837 students in part-time campus jobs. Working on campus is still a great way to meet people and explore potential career paths, while providing essential services and supporting your education. For more information, check out the Career Center’s job search site.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose?