UO Blogs web publishing now available!

UO Blogs is an easy-to-use academic blogging and web publishing service for the University of Oregon community. Students, faculty, and staff can use the service to quickly create blogs or websites for courses, groups, or individual use. UO Blogs offers a variety of themes and plugins to choose from to help customize your blog or website. To get started, go to blogs.uoregon.edu and log in with your DuckID and password (the same  i.d. used for uoregon email and Blackboard).

Test post from iPhone



Image: detail from bronze grille, Knight Library North entrance. Photo by flickr user andrewb823, Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial.

Test post; misc questions

Here is my first site on blogs.uoregon.edu

initial log-in did not include TOS; presumably that will follow.

added 4/13: the edublogs validation routine for requesting new site involves visually identifying photos of cats vs. dogs. Do they have an accessible alternative for this function?

This was built with the import tool (see http://letskeeptalking.wordpress.com/ for WP-hosted original)

Categories imported fine

Tags imported fine.

I needed to re-upload header images to media library. They are set to rotate on page refresh.

current theme is UO Personal WPMU Triden 2.2.5

Do not see access to UO-branded versions

update 4/13: UO-branded themes are now available

At first I was puzzled because the posts imported from my other site weren’t visible, even though they were all listed in dashboard “posts” directory. Finally figured out to set Triden Theme Options to blog homepage rather than custom homepage. This might be something to watch for with users who select this theme and want to use it primarily for blogging vs a home page.

I also tried using the homepage setting and feeding shortened posts to one of the center widgets with an RSS feed. This works but doesn’t look great — the shortened posts would be more interesting if they could include media.

Does this theme have an image widget? This is what I use for the UO Webcam on my wordpress site, and it is a lot of fun. In the meantime, here’s code for the text widget version in the sidebar:

<a href=”http://webcam.uoregon.edu/mjpg/video.mjpg”><img src=”http://webcam.uoregon.edu/mjpg/video.mjpg” alt=”Univ of Oregon PLC webcam” title=”Univ of Oregon PLC webcam” class=”alignnone” width=”200″ /></a>